Why do I need a health lawyer?

Health care is the most heavily regulated industry in the country. Health care providers, payers, technology producers and others are subject to a myriad of health specific industry laws as well as health law specific components of general laws.

The Health Law Industry is subject to laws that:
• Restrict Market Entry to Qualified Participants through Licensure, Accreditation, Certification and Participating Provider Agreements
• Limit Revenues through rate setting, fee schedules and reimbursement rules
• Strictly limit the types of relationships between business partners through fraud and abuse laws
• Mandate privacy and security protocols and policies through federal and state laws
• Limit the content, transmission, access, retention and disclosure of protected health information
• Enforce rules on claims for Reimbursement
• Severely limit what types of providers can engage in certain care and limit the amount of time devoted to such care
• Corporate Formation Rules
• Tax rules
• Lending and securitization rules

And those rules are constantly evolving.

The health care industry is subject to strict enforcement of its regulations by federal and state authorities.

Any provider, payer, clearinghouse, developer, vendor, corporation or individual involved in the health care industry is well advised to seek experienced health law counsel.